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Real Estate Analyst - Application

Are you bi-lingual (English/Spanish)
Minimal ability
Did you graduate from a Costa Rica college/university with a degree/study in either: finance? business? accounting? Or another college/university.
After you submit this application, you will receive a link to complete a typing test to measure your WPM: words per minutes. You will need to practice and email a screenshot of your results. Do you understand?
Do you have reliable transportation?
If yes, which transportation method are you going to use to commute to work?
Do you have basic knowledge of how to use a Microsoft computer?
Do you have basic knowledge of using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel?
Have you ever lived or traveled to the United States?
Do you have any knowledge of the different types of residential real estate (single family, condominium, townhouse) and commercial real estate (office, retail, industrial, hotel, apartments, etc.).

The following is a set of basic questions to test your knowledge. Please answer them to the best of your ability.

#1 Which of the following is a valid file extension for a Microsoft Excel file?
#2 If a product costs $20 and there is a 25% discount, how much will the customer pay?
#3 What is the square root of 144?
#4 If a rental property generates monthly income of $3,500 and has monthly expenses of $2,000, what is the property's net operating income (NOI) per month?
#5 What software would you use to perform financial analysis and modeling for real estate investments?

Please see the 3 test below. Practice until you obtain the score you want to screenshot and send to

After submitting your application, please complete the following steps below. These steps are required.

Step 1*

Please complete the typing test and email a screenshot of your results to:

Please complete the English test and email a screenshot of your results to:

Step 2*

Please complete the Excel test and email a screenshot of your results to:

Step 3*

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